Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Hard Week And Some Easy Choices

I've been neglecting my hobby for the past couple months due to work loads and family commitments. Even worse I've not had much whiskey in the time either but this past week has been a long hard week in work and it played right through my week-end. Not to worry though as I'm busy and it's good to be busy in these times.

I was fairly wrecked at the days end this past week and it called for a single large one on more than a few occasions just to unwind. I find when I'm like that I usually know what I'm in the mood for before I even try to think about it. More often than not I go for a Laphroaig of a Coal Ila but for some reason not this time.

On Monday I went straight for my Knappogue 1951 ... I don't know whether I was too tired or has the bottled turned but I did not enjoy it at all and struggled to finish it. It seemed slightly bitter in a bad way and had lost a lot of it's characteristic toffee and banana. There's only about 2 inches left and I opened it about 14 months ago for my son's Christening. I must remember to go back to that one and see if it really is turning.

Tuesday night had me reaching for a Powers John's Lane 12yo Single Pot Still ... aaahhh that's much better. Still really loving this as it really is quite different from any other pot still on the market but I was so tired I could not finish it. The power (excuse the pun) and heaviness of this pot still in comparison to other Irish pot stills may surprise some but this is what the Powers legacy was built on. A heavy pot still with a strong character. 

Wednesday night I finished the Powers John's Lane and then it was the regular Powers 12yo's turn. Uummm this is lovely in a much sweeter way and just suited my mood to a T. John's Lane still gets the nod for flavour but I was really surprised how much I really enjoyed this and was perfect for total relaxation. 

Thursday night saw me hitting the Redbreast 12yo. Yes good stuff but both of the Powers are above it this week. Whiskey is a funny thing day one is your favourite and another day a different one is but that is also it's beauty of whiskey.

Friday I took a break and had a couple beers :lol:

Tonight I went straight for Jameson 12yo Midleton Distillery Reserve. A Jameson 12yo bottled specially and exclusively for the Jameson Visitor centre in Midleton.  This bottle just keeps getting better and better for me and by far the best Jameson 12yo I've had. A bit like the Powers 12yo it just makes for a great relaxation drop but there is plenty to get my teeth into also. This is definitely a good reason to visit the distillery and luckily for me I bought a spare bottle of this the last time I was down in Midleton.

What I find strange about this whole week is that I went with my gut instinct and it was pretty much Irish Distillers Ltd all the way. The quality of all their out put it just so high and constant that you'll never be disappointed. Now that I've got that off my chest I must stop neglecting my whiskey duties.


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