Saturday, September 17, 2011

Rediscover The Original Irish Whiskey

IDL on Friday 16th of September launched their new whiskey site, The site is solely dedicated to Single Pot Still Irish whiskey and the home page boldly proclaims "Rediscover The Original Irish Whiskey".

Click on Picture to go to the single pot still site

It's been a few months in the coming but boy was it worth the wait. The site appears to be very well put together and insightful. The first section is titled "What is Single Pot Still" which in my opinion is one of the best explanations on SPS I've read to date. It does have the usual explanations on the whole distillation process but when describing what single pot still is it is quite detailed but beautifully simplified in easy to understand language. So on that pretence alone this is a great piece of work. A very interesting chapter with in this section is the Maturation chapter and shows the importance of wood. This is obviously important for any whiskey but later in the film section it also shows how much time and energy IDL put into wood selection.

The History section is interesting but don't expect a dissertation as it just skims through the centuries for a nice light read. However it covers a lot of ground and is quite objective in it's comparisons of the Scotch industry too.

The Whiskeys section covers the 4 SPS brands that IDL have on offer. This is a brief section with general tasting notes, however there is the bonus of being able to select links that take you individual  satellite sites these brands. These are Green spot, Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy, Powers John's Lane & Redbreast 12 & 15yo. These sites contain even more information on the specific brands and a nice touch was giving each site it's own separate style. Particular mention has to me made for the Redbreast site of which a lot of research was submitted by Irish Whiskey Society president Leo Phelan. Plenty of reading for any SPS Fanatic.

The Films section is a nice added bonus. There is a 40min film which is excellently hosted by whiskey writer Peter Mulryan. It clearly highlights the enthusiasm and commitment that the Masters in IDL hold for their whiskey as well as added incite to the amazing lengths IDL go in their pursuit for perfection in regards to the wood selection process.

The Still house is where the SPS Irish Whiskey fan can sign up to become Stillmen (or site members) for added content. There is initially a promise of a little gift for those signing up now. This area has the News section just like the main area but the Films section hold bonus content. There is also a gallery where you can see various pictures of  the original founders of the SPS brands. There is also a section where members upload their own photos if the fancy takes them. Lastly is the download section which has a tasting Mat and more detailed fact sheets for the brands.

The Distillery Section gives brief overview on Midleton and also brief biogs on the Midleton Masters. Plus links to the Visitor centres.

Over all this is a fairly substantial piece of work and very well put together in my opinion. It is possibly the best and most detailed web site published by the Irish Whiskey industry and is a very welcome offering for eager Irish Whiskey fans. Going on this it looks like IDL have moved a few eggs from the massive Jameson basket and are making a good effort to promote their SPS brands.

A hearty congratulations to IDL on there new site and hopefully we are well on our way in renewing Single Pot Still as a serious category as it deservedly should. So lets all "Rediscover The Original Irish Whiskey".